How to Register on ParentMail 2


This section will show you how to register and create an account on ParentMail 2.

First, visit the ParentMail 2 login page and click the 'Create an Account' link.


Click 'Next' as per the on screen instructions


Enter the registration code from the top of the letter from your school or club and click 'Next' (the code below is an example).


Enter your personal details and click 'Next'.


Enter your contact details, email address is mandatory. Click 'Next'.


Setup a password and security question and click 'Next'.


Read and agree to our Terms and Conditions and click 'Confirm'.


Click 'Finish' and your account has been created.


From the inbox of the email address that was used to register, open the Registration email and click on the 'Confirm Your Identity' link.



This link will take you to the following page where you will be asked to enter the password you set during the registration process. Enter the Password and click 'Finish'.


You will then be directed to your Home Page.